Collaborators: Thomas M. Fischer

University of Bayreuth
Bayreuth, Germany
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Co-authored papers

Lattice symmetries and the topologically protected transport of colloidal particles
J. Loehr , D. de las Heras , M. Loenne , J. Bugase , A. Jarosz , M. Urbaniak , F. Stobiecki , A. Tomita , R. Huhnstock , I. Koch , A. Ehresmann , D. Holzinger and T. M. Fischer
Soft Matter 13, 7, (2017). (+ info)

Topologically protected colloidal transport above a square magnetic lattice
D. de las Heras, J. Loehr, M. Loenne, and T. M. Fischer
New J. Phys. 18, 10, (2016). (+ info)

Topological protection of multiparticle dissipative transport
J. Loehr, M. Loenne, A. Ernst, D. de las Heras, and T. M. Fischer
Nat. Commun. 7, 6, (2016). (+ info)

Other collaborators